How we work with clients.



After initially discussing your project by telephone or email and deciding mutually if working together is of interest we will arrange a site meeting to discuss the project in more detail, take photographic documentation of the site and note key requirements and design principles.
We provide initial consultations at your home from £100, depending on location, which will be deducted from the fee if you decide to go ahead.



Once this is complete a site survey will be booked with you in order that the site is fully measured, this takes between 1 and 3 hours depending on the type of property and scale of project. All trades, engineers, fabricators etc that may be involved in your project will work off the drawings we prepare, so its important to get the survey details and existing drawings correct before we move forward.


Designing your project.

Working off the survey and existing plans, we create the initial design sketches. There is often more than one sketch option here depending on how clear your own ideas of what you would like to see are, so we will use the initial sketch drawings to build a better understanding of what you require by discussing, refining and solidifying the design. We can use cad software to sketch-out your project design in 3 dimensions to further explore the design possibilities and to help establish what your style preferences are.


Planning permission.

Having agreed on your ideal design, we will discuss this on your behalf with the planning department, this may take the form of an informal chat on smaller projects or a pre-app application when required. This gives us a better understanding of whether or not the design is likely to be supported by the Planning department and make any changes needed to smooth out the process. Once the planning application has been validated by your Local Authority, they have a 2 month period in which to make their decision. During this period Planning will have notified all the neighbouring properties affected by the application, so it is a great idea to chat directly with your neighbours. The planning officer delegated to your application will carry out a site visit before making their recommendation for the application.


Building warrant application.

On more straight forward projects a Building warrant can be applied for at the same time as the Planning permission to speed up the application times, however with more involved projects the building warrant and detailed drawings will not be prepared until planning permission is granted.
Detailed drawings showing constructions details, sectional elevations, foundations, drainage, insulation envelope, vapour barriers, activity spaces etc will be prepared alongside U value calculations & compensatory calculations and other reports if required. At this stage your drawings will be sent to Prime Structural Solutions for a quotation, if your are happy with the quote we will instruct them to proceed on Structural engineers drawings and SER certification for the structural side of your project (if required). Your are welcome to use your own engineer if you know one.
We will lodge the building warrant application on your behalf and await the response and points list details any amendments or additional information required. After responding to any points from building standards and after receiving your engineers drawings and SER certification, your warrant will be granted. This can be a lengthy process taking a minimum of 6-8 weeks but generally longer.
Cooper Architectural does not generally carry out site inspecpections and supervision of trades after your approvals are granted, but we can carry out site visits to advise if required at costs in addition to your fee.