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Extensions to domestic homes

Cooper Architectural specialize in designing extensions that work with your existing property, be that a 19th century detached sandstone  building or a modern semi-detached home. Some extensions can draw on relevant existing design features and layouts of your home to create additional space that is sensitive to the existing building, and others can be part of a more extensive contemporary re-modelling of your home. Many extensions are a very straight forward response to a demand for more space and more bedrooms due to growing families, all of these can be catered for with the right planning and design.

Good design

It is important to achieve the highest quality of design possible. This means committing to good quality at every stage of the design process. Well designed projects can actively enhance the environment.


Alterations and extensions to existing domestic properties generally raise similar design issues to those of new developments. Every change to a building, has the potential to enrich or, if poorly designed, impoverish a part of the built environment.
The impact of a proposal on the appearance and character of the existing building and street scene generally should be satisfactory and there should be no unreasonable loss of amenity and privacy for immediate neighbours.
Particular attention will be paid to ensuring that such works to listed buildings and non-listed buildings in conservation areas do not damage their special character.


Not all extensions or alterations actually require planning permission. Many smaller projects can be carried out without the need for planning permission – this is known as Permitted Development (PD). However, almost all extensions and alterations require Building Warrant.