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Garage Conversions

I provide architectural drawings for a lot of Conversions especially to Garages. Many new build homes come with Garage spaces that can easily be turned into much needed additional Bedrooms, home offices, play rooms etc etc. Replacing the Garage door with windows to match the existing house and fully insulating the space to form a new comfortable living space.

Loft Conversions

Existing Attic spaces can often be converted into habitable spaces to be used as additional Bedrooms, using new Velux windows or new Dormer roof extensions to provide a light and airy loft space. The arrangement of the axes of buildings and their parts is a device for controlling the effects of sun, wind, and rainfall. The sun is regular in its course; it favours the southern and neglects the northern exposures of buildings in the Northern Hemisphere, so that it may be captured for heat or evaded for coolness by turning the axis of a plan toward or away from it. Within buildings, the axis and placement of each space determines the amount of sun it receives. Orientation may control air for circulation and reduce the disadvantages of wind, rain, and snow, since in most climates the prevailing currents can be foreseen. The characteristics of the immediate environment also influence orientation: trees, land formations, and other buildings create shade and reduce or intensify wind, while bodies of water produce moisture and reflect the sun.