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Building warrant process

Cooper Architectural will act as your agent throughout the Building Warrant application process, liaising with your local authority to work towards a successful Warrant being granted.

Building Warrant drawings

Construction drawings showing every detail of the new structure in great detail will be submitted to the online portal as part of your application.

The drawings typically show:

  • Elevations as existing and proposed.
  • Plans as existing and proposed.
  • Construction details will often depict all relevant window, wall, cill, wallhead, velux, dormer areas in sectional form to show building standards and building trades how the structure will be put together.
  • Large sectional elevations individual to your project, we don’t use generic sections that can confuse building standards and confuse tradesmen on site by being irrelevant.
  • Specifications details each area of the construction, from foundations up to roof.

U – Value calculations

U – Value calculations to show the proposed building heat loss performance and to confirm its compliance with the Building Standards. Compensatory calculations may be required for your project if there is a large amount of glazing, these are prepared by calculating the amount of additional insulation required to compensate for the glazed areas. Upgrading the insulation in the roof, wall and floor, together with high performance glass can allow for really extensive glazing in your extension.